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Swede Dreams is proud to collaborate with a diverse range of retail partners worldwide. Our dedication to providing top-tier comfort and quality aligns seamlessly with the goals of our esteemed partners. Whether you are a boutique furniture store or a large-scale retail chain, Swede Dreams offers a curated selection of mattresses and furniture pieces designed to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. With our range of customizable options and dedication to Swedish technology, we are poised to transform your retail space into a heaven of comfort and style. Elevate your offerings and explore the potential of a partnership with Swede Dreams today.

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Unmatched Quality

Our mattresses and furniture are crafted using state-of-the-art Swedish Technology, ensuring a level of quality that stands out in the market.

Established Reputation

With a presence in Abu Dhabi since 2006, Swede Dreams is a trusted name in the industry, known for delivering comfort and quality.

Attractive Margins

Our retail partners enjoy competitive margins, providing a lucrative opportunity for growth and profitability.

Marketing and Support

We provide marketing materials, training, and ongoing support to help you effectively showcase and sell Swede Dreams products.

Complimentary Marketing Resources

Free Marketing Collaterals

At Swede Dreams, we provide our valued retail partners and resellers with complimentary marketing collaterals to elevate their promotional efforts. From eye-catching brochures and impactful posters to engaging digital assets, our free marketing materials are designed to effectively showcase products and entice customers, ensuring maximum visibility and success for our partners.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

Free Delivery all over UAE

With Swede Dreams as your partner, enjoy the advantage of offering your customers free delivery throughout the United Arab Emirates. By providing this convenient service, you can enhance their shopping experience while eliminating any extra delivery expenses. Take advantage of this value-added benefit to attract and satisfy customers, elevating your business to new heights.

Quality That Lasts

10 Years Warranty on Product

Swede Dreams is proud to offer a generous 10-year warranty on all our products, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind. As a retailer, you have the opportunity to effectively convey this warranty to your valued customers, assuring them of the exceptional quality and durability of the products they are purchasing. By highlighting this extensive warranty, you can instill confidence in your customers and establish a reputation for offering reliable and long-lasting products.

Enhance Your Showroom Today

Free Mattress for Display

As a retailer partnering with Swede Dreams, you have the exciting opportunity to receive a complimentary mattress for display. This valuable offer enables you to effectively showcase the exceptional comfort and unique features of Swede Dreams mattresses to potential customers visiting your store. Take advantage of this opportunity to create an immersive and enticing shopping experience that captivates customers and drives sales.

From Colors to Fabrics

Customization Options

As a retailer collaborating with Swede Dreams, you have the advantage of offering your customers a wide range of customization options from our product lineup. This empowers your customers to personalize their purchases, tailoring them to their specific preferences and needs. By providing such flexibility, you can ensure customer satisfaction while meeting their unique requirements. Enhance the shopping experience by enabling your customers to create their dream sleep environment with Swede Dreams’ customizable offerings

Affordable Luxury

Competitive Pricing

At Swede Dreams, we prioritize competitive pricing for our products, allowing you as a retailer to offer compelling prices to your customers. This strategic advantage enables you to attract a wider customer base and deliver exceptional value for their investments, ultimately leading to heightened customer satisfaction and increased sales potential. Take advantage of our competitive pricing to differentiate yourself in the market and establish a reputation for delivering affordability without compromising on quality.